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How do women become involved with free and open source software?


If anybody is still interested in this topic, here's a series of questions that might help to focus the discussion.

The questions are based on the FOSS Survey taken three years ago (http://www.infonomics.nl/FLOSS/report/Final4.htm#_Toc13908242).

The survey had just slightly over 1% of its responses from women, so most of its results apply to male FOSS participants. There are more questions that I could have included, but I think these ones may begin to answer the question of whether FOSS women differ from FOSS men or not.

Not that I expect to get anything like the number of responses the FOSS Survey got, of course. Nor do I undertake to analyze them with anything like the same thoroughness. However, I think that any obvious differences will stand out -- if they exist.

Please feel free to answer on-line or privately, whichever you prefer. When I come to do the article, I'll post the link when it's published.

- do you have a university degree?
- are you currently in a permanent relation?
- do you have children?
- are you employed? If so, in what area? (include "student" as an employment category)
- are you self-employed?

Involvement with FOSS

- how old were you when you first became involved with FOSS?
- which of these attract you to FOSS: the chance to exchange knowledge and develop new skills, to teach or instruct, to live and work according to ideals, to get to know like-minded people, or something else?
- how many hours per week do you spend on FOSS-related activites?
- are you inolved as a leader or coordinator of any project?

Bruce Byfield 604-421-7177

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