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Re: ToDo list

Maybe the todo list should be moved into the wiki in stead? Then it will
be easier to update when anyone thinks of something that should be done,
which actually happens from time to time :)

That would be fine.

I posted to the list asking for suggestions for the ToDo a month ago, but at that time nobody replied. If people have ideas they should certainly either let us know or change the (soon to be) wiki page. Can someone please create the wiki page ToDo list and let us know where it is?

What about having a brainstorming about that? maybe on
next irc meeting? when will next meeting be at last,

That's also a good idea. Was the meeting on the 19th moved or not?

I would not decide firmly on our next IRC meeting until the date of the DPL IRC debate is known. At the moment this is still undecided (last minute problems with one of the candidates means that the announced time is no good, but we haven't yet worked out a new time that everyone can make it).

I will let this list know when the DPL debate time is sorted out, and then we can decide whether we need to move our IRC meeting. At the moment it looks like we won't need to do that at all, so I think we can plan for it as is at 21:00 UTC on the 19th.


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