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Re: My trip to FOSDEM 2005

Quoting Magni Onsoien <magnio+debian-women@pvv.org>:

> My pictures from FOSDEM are at http://www.geekhouse.no/Gallery/fosdem2005/

You found the Belgian chocolateries as well, I see.. :-)

> On Sunday I went to Hanna's talk at 11:30. It was a very good talk (and I
> immediately fell in love with her nice slides. She used a package called
> 'beamer'[2] with LaTeX) about the Debian Women Project[3].

Yes, I liked the talk and the slides too.

> talk to all of them, and I felt like they were "everywhere". There were
> also some parents with children there, and quite a few "older" people -
> significantly above 25 and maybe also above 65.

I noticed that as well. The average age of a free software developer is probably
twenty-something, but there are quite a few older people as well, some of them
prominent ones like Linus Torvalds, Theo de Raadt, Paul Vixie and so on. This
makes people accept older people, instead of looking down on them as they do in
certain alternative music circles I'm involved in. Of course this avoidance of
ageism in free software circles is a sign of people being tolerant in general
(or so I hope).

// Ulf Härnhammar ( from the Debian Security Audit Project -
http://www.debian.org/security/audit/ )

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