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Re: Meeting in 1 hour (was: Re: Meeting in 7 hours!)

Hello Erinn,

Am 2005-01-16 04:12:48, schrieb Erinn Clark:

> We had meetings at other times. The meeting times have been staggered and
> Europe was unlucky this time.
> Sorry we missed you.

Curently I have many troubles to get money (and used Computers) for
my (women) project and my migration to Morocco and in the same time
I need to monitor debian-women and *@arabeys.org pls some others.

I am writing Linux Documentations (for an Education Center) in three
languages which are around 1000-1200 Pages (per language) of the
Format of an O'Reilly Book...

Then 3 times Dialysis per week...

BUT:    I am alive !!!  :-)
        My Project hold me alive.
        I think, it is too important.

Note:   My doctor do not understand, what I do to keep me alive :-)
        In 04/2000 he told me I have only one year to live...
        Don't trust Medcins, trust the power of OSS.


Linux-User #280138 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org/ 
Michelle Konzack   Apt. 917                  ICQ #328449886
                   50, rue de Soultz         MSM LinuxMichi
0033/3/88452356    67100 Strasbourg/France   IRC #Debian (irc.icq.com)

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