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Re: Reminder: Meeting 18th December, 13:00 UTC

Michelle Klein-Hass wrote:
Do you realize that this is 5am Pacific Standard Time???

Yes, we know it will be rotten for some. The timing of the last meeting was rotten for a different set of people. Call it a nice indication of the number of people from different places that are involved in this project :)

The general idea is to hold meetings at different times, rotating through the timezones. (So far both meetings have been OK for the UK/Europeans - it will be bad for us here next time around.) I figure that a meeting is going to be horrible for any one timezone about one time in 3, if we shift the meetings by 8 hours each time. That is simply unavoidable.

I'm not going to be able to make this...I hope it goes well.

The minutes will be put onto the website soon after the meeting, so you can catch up with what was said, even if you can't make it in person.



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