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Re: Article on Debian Women

Hi Bruce,

First of all, thanks for writing the article! :)

* Bruce Byfield <bbyfield@axionet.com> [2004:12:08 18:33 -0800]: 
> David Moreno Garza wrote:
> >I don't know if 'feminists' is the right word for the project... It is
> >not the same to call a project as feminist like women-related.
> I'm not sure what distinction you're making between "feminist" and 
> "women-related." They sound much the same to me, although 
> "women-related" might be a more neutral term for Americans. But, in 
> Canada, where I live and write, "feminist" is not a term that most 
> people find objectionable.

I would say "feminist" is certainly a somewhat controversial term in the
US. Many people that actually identify with basic feminist ideology
hesitate to identify themselves as feminists because of a few extreme
cases. The term doesn't bother me, though.

> At any rate, Debian Women is certainly informed by feminism. Searching 
> through its offical web site and those of some of the active members, I 
> see a feminist legacy in a number of places.

You'll get no objections from me here. I do believe there are probably
women lurking around within the project that won't identify themselves as
feminists, but I agree that the original sentiment is quite feminist.

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