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Re: Survey - what do you want out of this?

> > I'm thinking about talking about all this in the next Debconf, but I'm
> > afraid I'll be tossed rotten tomatos (or their verbal equivalent).
> I thought the same would happen to be when I gave my d-w talk, but you see
> how well that turned out. :-)

I was just about saying the very same, with the same
example..:-). Finally, I imagined you'd be able to say it yourself and
it looks like I was right.

So, definitely, Margarita, do not have any hesitation for proposing
something on that topic : I bet this will be well received at Debconf.

(/me crosses fingers for being in Finland)

And, well, once you've done that once, you're ready for the Big
Nightmare of organizing bofhs with dozens of bearded male geeks and 7
hours jet lag in your legs...am I correct, Erinn?

> Really, I think the DDs that are willing to show their faces and meet with
> other developers are a lot more likely to care about the community aspect
> so, if I were you, I would not worry about this -- I suspect a lot of good
> could come from it.

Sure. Even a hotbabe discussion in an event like debconf would be
entirely different then it is currently in d-d.

I just would like to correct something in marga's statement : I
personnally don't think that d-d is violent. For instance, the most
part of the hotbabe thread is still civilized. There are lots of what
I've called once "Monty Python-style arguments" ("oh, yes it is"/"oh
no it isn't"/"oh yes it is"...) but, again and again....this is
desynchronized electronic communication-->perfectly bad-suited for

The recent long threads I've seen in this ML have often been
long...but very rarely full of aggressivity, insanity and what we call
in French "bird names"....

The only thing which refains me in participating more is just time,

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