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Re: Fw: Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

> I personally think that it is a typical and time wasting discussion within 
> Debian, of a kind that seems to come up (different topics though) every 
> couple of weeks or so.  It is also the type of discussion that deterred me 
> from becoming involved in Debian for some time.

The fact that such endless discussions (not really flamewar....the
discussion is quite polite and civilised) happen from time to time is
probably not specific to Debian but quite usual in any virtual
community which use electronic ways for communication.

What seems more interesting to me in this discussion is that it
focused on the legal issues far more than other issues.

In my opinion, the package, as proposed, is first potentially
offensive. That is the main argument I would use with the maintainer
and try him to consider this. And, indeed, this point was not really
advanced by many contributors in this thread...*this* is what saddens
me more....besides the fact that a potentially offensive material was
proposed by a french DD.....oh la la...:-)

On the other hand, I'd prefer leaving the proponent of that package
understand by himself that his upload may be inappropriate. For that
reason, I like the idea of adding nice naked men with a debconf dialog
asking the sysadmin which should be the default.....

And, as mentioned earlier, Bruno Bellamy needs to practice in drawing
hot guys....

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