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Re: Fw: Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 01:27:02PM -0200, Fernanda Giroleti Weiden wrote:

> One way of fixing this specific problem is creating a way to choose
> between pictures of women or men on the program. Yes, why not have p0rn
> pictures of a man in the .deb package too? Is it possible to fix this
> sexism problem?

I'll bring my experience: I've just uploaded polygen to unstable: it's a
text generator.  It takes grammars describing how to construct phrases,
and generates phrases.  It comes with lots of grammars, some of which
can be offensive for someone.

Some examples (I choose simple grammars to avoid keeping it too long):

 The computer genius:

    Man, how to receive the Ultra-wide cache?

    From Mac and from the control preferences inside DOS XP you neither
    must turn on a 63-inch folder, nor should install the code on a
    system of the computer on the IP proxy to receive from the ISDN
    space bar.

 The French Grandeur:

    Egalite', Specialites, Liberte'!
    Humilte', Egalite', Maternite'!
    Egalite', Fraternite', Mon Dieu!
    Fraternite', Specialites, Atelier!
    Fraternite', Bidet, Liberte'!
    Illegalite', Richelieu, Bidet!

 The Hispano-Portuguese names (btw, this grammar is called Fernanda :):

    Jalapeno-Silva de la Tega de la Barca y de la Vega de la Fava
    Fernando y Taquito Piva y da Silva Silva-Piva
    Dolores y Alemanna Gutierrez-Quesos
    Dolores Guacamole Silva y de la Vega-Silva de la Barca
    Guacamole y Alemanna de la Tega-Quesos-Silva
    Jalapeno y Diego de la Vega-Barroso-Silva
    Soledad-Espinoza de Contresas
    Maria-Silva de la Barca y de Perez de la Vega

 The Metal Rock songs:

    Dragon Muraturer - The isles of doom
    Satanic Dragons - Steel from the steel dimension
    Warrior of Silver - In the waste of mortals
    Necrotic Whore - The land of violence
    Other of Blood - In the shadow of Chaos
    Inverted Rage - In the valley of violence
    Neosuffocation - The land of Chaos

 And I personally made the "Italian abroad" grammar:

    Italiano cappuccino
    Italiano pizza cazzo vuoi Mussolini
    Italiano gondola O Sole Mio mafia
    Italiano mamma rubare
    Italiano mandolino gondola
    Italiano pizza Corleone gondola
    Italiano pizza gondola mamma
    Italiano cappuccino mandolino gondola
    Italiano Corleone pepperoni
    Italiano presidente scemo mafia

There are grammars that may offend some people, but I wouldn't like to
remove them.  What I would like is to suggest offended people to pay
back writing funny grammars.  The result of this is lots of funny
grammars, and everyone has a chance of making some good laugh.


Enrico poking people's susceptibility to push creative efforts :)

This is still in the NEW queue; it'll probably take a couple of weeks to
get in.  And I can't wait! :)
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