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Re: RFC: Wiki for Debian-Women


Am Mittwoch, 01.09.04 um 06:37 Uhr schrieb Erinn Clark:

Anonymous Area:

I disagree. There are enough wanking trolls in the world with a voice and enough places on the internet where they may express themselves. They can
play elsewhere.

I do not see the necessary, too, but no real problem at all. Not everyone is a vandal. As pmwiki allows password protection by group and page, we can just try. All changes can be mailed and are provided as RRS-Feed. If pages are spammed changes can be reverted immediately. To keep spambots out, one can have o global public password for writing.

Also, do you mean *anyone* can register and post things? That's not really
an improvement over anonymous access. I do hope this can be controlled.

As by registration the "member" has to get the password for the group/page "anyone" can only try to register. Do not think, we should automize that. The wiki should be a working area and not a newsgroup/mailing list.

Everything can be changed. So we must not discuss really everything before.




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