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Re: RFC: Wiki for Debian-Women

[Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)]
> 	Projects and sub projects status, quick and flash
> news, syndication, there are lots of good stuff. :o)

If you need a bulletin board to let people know how you are doing on
projects and subprojects, this subject can always be revisited.  But it
seems to me that mailing lists work pretty well for that sort of thing.
Somehow the rest of the Debian project gets along with nothing more
than irc and mailing lists.  And the rest of Debian is doing many
things that are much more complex than what debian-women will ever need
to do.

> 	D-W should have an anonymous area, a place where anonymous
> girls (and guys) can post messages, it is not a guest book, but a
> place for people that doesn't want to get registered! :)

For what purpose?  Why should there be a "message board" at all?

The purpose of debian-women is *not* to provide a general social
outlet.  It's not to provide a soapbox for people to give speeches
about Important Issues.  The purpose is to encourage and help women to
get involved with Debian.

Likewise, from what I'm hearing, the web site is not supposed to be
some sort of community blog where everyone gets to post random
thoughts.  That would be slashdot, and its many imitators.  And I don't
see this as a playground where everyone gets to try their hand at web
design, either.

I think the thing to keep in mind is that the web site, as with the
rest of the Debian Women project, is a *means* to an end.  It's not, by
itself, the point of it all.  Getting women involved in Debian does
*not* necessarily mean getting them involved as contributors to the
debian-women web site.  Think of it this way: if only 4 people
contribute to the web site, but they do a good job and produce a
professional-looking site where information is easy to find and
presented well ... then the site will have done its job.  Any women who
happen by it will then be immediately able to find out about the rest
of the Project (like the mailing list), and about Debian development in

> 	You told me that D-W is not a "e-commerce" or a "business"
> site, and I agree. But we can build the structure in the best way
> possible, and as easy and simple as we can.

I was on the irc channel when she said that.  I think the point was
that you and others are overengineering.  The idea isn't to become the
next slashdot or amazon.


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