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Re: editing Debian documentation

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 06:05, Steve Langasek wrote:

> > Do document maintainers have to go through months of hell like package 
> > maintainers to be officially accepted?
> If having to wait a few months for voting rights and formal recognition
> by the project is "hell" to you, I don't really have much consolation to
> offer.  With few notable exceptions, most NMs weather their stay in the
> queue with equanimity; and as a non-packaging developer, if anything
> there would be fewer obstacles in the way of you getting work done than
> for a package maintainer NM.


I think the question for you to be asking here is 'what is it that Carla
is perceiving as months of hell?'

I've known her for some time, and Carla would not be viewing a couple of
months of working and proving her ability in a neutral (or supportive)
environment as 'hell'. Therefore, I assume that there's something else
causing her to say that.

I suspect that learning what it is would be a useful thing for Debian,
if only so that you can try to correct a reputation (if unearned) or the
environment (if earned).


Would you be willing/able to define 'months of hell'?

Jenn V.
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