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Re: Website beta trial

nicole wrote:

At 12:25 on Jul 23, Carla Schroder shook the earth with:

On Friday 23 July 2004 11:39 am, Amaya wrote:
Jutta Wrage wrote:
Why basically men? What is the intention of the supporters page?
As seen at: http://women.kde.org/aboutus/supporters.php
Hmmm... honestly, that makes me feel a bit queasy. I'm sure they're great
guys, but I don't see the point. It's not like there's a shortage of
platforms for men to get recognition in tech. And I don't quite see how it
fits the goals of Debian-Women... ??

After discussing this on IRC, I do agree with Carla and the others. I do
not really see a place for this on our page.

First, it really does look like validation. Do we really need to be
validated by men to be "real"?

Second, we don't really have any men who would go up on that page that are
actively participating and contributing to the project. No disrespect to
the men that ARE involved, because I do appreciate their support and help,
but this is a women-centric project and we'd like to appear as such.

One thing I have noticed about some women who are sensitive to things like
this are that they will look on the pages to see if there are men
involved, and if they do find men involved, they will take it as a "hit"
against the project. Women want to know that there are *women* in the
project, supporting the project, and *being* the project.

Third, I think we could just put a segment in the FAQ about how men can be
involved, too. Something like "I am a guy, but interested in supporting
debian-women. How do I get involved?" This sort of plays into Erinn's
existing FAQ question about this being women-only.

Bottom line: we're not women-exclusive, we encourage the participation of
men, but women are what this is all about.


Yes, it is a women-centric project, but there guys helping it.
I suggest to make a "cool guys" (or whatever it may be called, but "cool guys" sounds good) page, where we guys that help and support D-W would appear and say why we are doing it. etc,etc...

My 0,02 and nothing more

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