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Re: Profiles/contributors (was:Re: Website beta trial)

At 23:26 on Jul 23, Amaya shook the earth with:

> If you want a supporters (male supporters) web page, speak-up or I'll
> just choose another field of work. I won't waste time with something
> which is not interesting to the debian-women project.

Well, that's not just up to me to decide, it's up to the entire d-w
community. Your suggestion/placeholder was something we thought about to
start up with, but now as we are going forward people just aren't sure
that it "fits" with who we want to be.

I like the idea of men participating. I like the idea of men being a part
of d-w as a whole. I like the idea of men on the mailing list and IRC
channel. I like the idea of men contributing to the project.

I am just not so sure of the idea of highlighting the men specifically
separate from the women contributors. We already have the "profiles" to
acknowledge and provide space for women who are contributing to debian in
one way or another, and that's understandably a women-only space.

Anyway, what I have heard so far based on comments is:

1) we do want a place where men who contribute to the project can be
acknowledged as contributors fair and square

2) we do not want a place where men are acknowledged separately,
specifically because they are men

If anyone else has comments, please pass them along :o)


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