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Re: Supporters brief-up

Am Montag, 26.07.04 um 14:14 Uhr schrieb Erinn Clark:

I agree with the contributors page. People should get credit for things
they've done. The interesting bit is going to be defining what qualifies as
a contribution..

Okay, let us look from people, who are visiting the page:

If they acct like me , the will sometimes look:
1. Who is responsible (and doin the actual work)?
2. maybe: Who else contributes to the project (f/m)

Given those I know, what they have done or will do:
Erinn is in 1
Others may review content, give support for those active in the project, Make a translation, deliver content to one out of 1 are in 2.

3, Why this project (short enough?)
could contain opinions of some people (f/m), supporting the Project in discussion or otherwise - including some of those, who are in Section 1 or 2. This could answer the question, why this all is done and necessary, maybe, more than an article or as an addition to one.

Could this be something for an agreement?




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