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male v. female interactions (was:Re: Supporters brief-up)

On Sunday 25 July 2004 3:41 pm, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> I am thinking about some of the comments made on the list about the 
> issue of women being treated more gently than men, or similar ideas.  If 
> I recall correctly, some people are worried about the idea that we might 
> be percieved as wanting special treatment.  I understand the worry and I 
> agree with it, but with a qualification which is based on my experience 
> in another male dominated field with which I have more experience 
> (academic physics).
> The problem is that in a community that is very male dominated, men 
> learn to interact only with other men.  They end up with a set of 
> behaviours that work well when you are interacting with men.  

I've always thought of it not as male or female behavior, exactly, but 
rude/hostile v. courteous/welcoming. I know quite a few men geeks who avoid 
certain online communities and LUGs because they are dominated by rude, mean 
twits, it's not just a "girly" thing. And I have never seen a man attacked 
just for being male. There's quite a large difference between 'you are stupid 
and wrong, and here is why' and 'you dumb woman, take some Midol. Wanna go 
out with me?'

I do know that under no circumstances do we need to justify, or feel 
apologetic, for wanting groups like Debian-Women. 

Carla Schroder
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