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Re: Debian-women support?

Patty Langasek a écrit :

I am, however, heartened by the fact that you have a desire to be acquainted
with a community of feminine colleagues. This does show that you see a place
for women to be able to meet each other in Debian. Which means, at the very
least, we have the same baseline in this debate.

I've suggested you to create a list called "debian-enlist" or something like that, without specificity of gender, for work with everybody.

This list of newbies will be suggested from the site debian.org, by a site called debian-women, where we can talk about everything we want. We can create something interesting, with a forum, and links to informed people on what women in the world in debian or not are able to say and do... They will be surprised. A lot of inquiring guys will give an eye, an change their mind about us.

This list is too short for all of what we need to say. Women need to talk. _We can't resist_ to feel concerned in our strong feminin fight against society, when somebody is hurting us with never mind what. Or men are use to be straight at work. It's friendly, but rude. Efficient.

Our difficulties in computer are more important than others, because it concern the oppression of 50% of people in the world. We are not use with business in general. Not only computer one, not only debian's one. We are totally frightened, but debian is our friend. Debian consist of people which refuse the business-world. They are the most kindly men on computer science you can find.

Do you really think that if 50% of the population is oppressed, the 50% of the rest is not? They are. But it's a wild world, with a lot of troll. Don't afraid them with your feminin wishes, they will let you fall down one more time. Don't brake their rules that you need to learn with humbeleness. You are waiting for the same from them. It's used to create a list for work, not for talk? Make the same.

Our fight is a real one, don't brake it.


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