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Re: Debian-women support?

On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 07:01:48PM -0700, Jonathan Walther imparted:
> On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 11:19:18AM +0930, Romana Branden wrote:
> >as for political correctness, if that means people wo adhere to common
> >civility and courtesy,
> By political correctness I mean those who uncivilly ignore common
> courtesy in their quest to legitimize their anti-Christian worldview by
> forcing it down everyone elses throat.

au contraire my droll and amusing friend, claiming a religious stance as
justification is uncivil, and a cowardice of morality.

> Courtesy and civility is the norm; a woman who follows these norms is
> feminine, not feminist.

and a man who follows your rude, uncivil, arrogant way is less than
foolish, and a pitiable thing.

> >count me in as politically correct. i prefer the term humanist and the
> >concept that it means aware of peoples rights, and respecting of
> >same....
> To the contrary, humanist is what you are, and humanism means egregious
> violations of human rights.  It is only by living under YHWH and
> following the laws of the Torah that humans can experience real joy,
> happiness, and freedom.  The founders of the USA understood this well.

actually, the founders of the usa scarcely followed the
torah....religius yes, jewish based faith? dear oh dear, i assumed a
more basic level of education from you...

> Humanists support murder of unborn children.  Hardly humane...

thats an odd assumption, but hardly unexpected from you:)

> If you choose to marry a girl with a family history of schizophrenia and
> syphilis just to prove your "humanity", that is your folly.  Smart
> humans want to get the best deal possible; that means carefully picking
> ones mate.  Heck, if good breeding is such anathema to you, perhaps you
> will show your lack of discrimination by mating with a chimpanzee!

actually, i would need to divorce my husband and get the laws changed
and find a way to clone at home to di all you suggest, silly person:)

i choose not to mate with a chimpanzee, however i seem to be replying to

you know, your odd fantasies of bestiality could probably do with some

> The Debian revolution, of course.  This is a Debian mailing list after
> all.  Freedom and good software for everyone, from anyone with the skill
> to produce it or the ability to help distribute and support it. 
> So, forward the revolution!  Woman are important auxiliaries in our
> struggle against anti-Torah software monopolism.

you have no idea do you? ada must be giggling madly in her grave....
you do know about ada, dont you?

oh, i forgot, you dont seem to know much. not enough room for knowledge
with such fun delusions to deal with.

btw, DO seek help for those odd fantasies, seriously.

now, for the joys of ignore lists:) no more silly you for my inbox!

Romana Branden
ITShare SA Inc/ComputerbankSA 
ITShare SA gives away computer systems 
created from donated hardware and opensource software.

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