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Re: Website beta trial

On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 09:55:05PM +0200, Amaya imparted:
> IMHO I'd love to see a bunch of supporting, pro-equality men. I'm sure
> there are many of them lurking here. Men that are not merely trying to
> score, but legitimately interested in Debian being more women-friendly
> than it is now (if it is at all). Men that can be seen as an example
> (visibility) to both men and women, that Debian is not necessarily
> hostile, but quite the opposite, populated by women that are inclusive
> and supporting, and men too. And the reasons they give as to be in the
> supporters page is what I find interesting. Because it's plural, from
> the "other point of view". Because it will serve as an example to other
> men, and that is something that needs a lot of work (Read my
> troll^flame at debian-vote regarding this subject and you will see that
> the more men we can get involved, the more acceptance we will get).
> It's friday night, I'm a little bit drunk, tired from moving to my new
> house, so please tell me if this makes any sense at all.

made great sense to me - I agree thoroughly, its a great way to enlist
enlightened men, and hopefully educate the woefully uneducated ones out
there, by example..men AND women CAN work togetehr in positive ways.


Romana Branden
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