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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

Hi Christian, 

Am 2004-07-02 19:01:25, schrieb Christian Perrier:
>Just a small "hi" to everyone around (hmmmm, so just a small "hi" to
>"everygirl" around ? :-))). Got my first mail from the list today and
>I'm happy of it, wanted to share....
>(now, I have to piss off listmasters so that "my" list for -l10n-bidi
>gets created....you've got yours, I've to get mine too:-))

It will be time...
I have gotten no answer from the listmaster...

>/me just hopes that, at least here, there are more then 50% women.....

Because I know now, there are some transsexual here :-) 
the have experience to make women... be careful :-)

>So, shut up, bubulle....

Good evening
Bon Soirée
Guten Sbend

de Strasbourg


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