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Re: Ping/Hi/whatever...

> So, shut up, bubulle....

OK, I just can't.....damn I never can. It seems this is "introduce
ourselves" time, so let's jump in it.

I am currently one of those people responsible for the very low
percentage of women in Debian because, just like all Debian Developers
minus 2 or 3, my only presence in the list of DD's makes this
percentage lower than it would be if I was not here...:-)

On the other hand, I am, among a few others, responsible for the
increasing percentage of verbose French people in Debian in general
and thus indirectly responsible for the low level of English language
quality all around. That mail won't help.

I am also the proud father of two young girls, none of these currently
showing any first sign of geekitude, while my son is a quite good
caricature of "boy-in-his-room-living-with-his-computer". So, I
recognize some symptoms Erinn mentioned in her talk and I'm completely
desperate, just trying to understand what the hell I did for this to

So, shortly speaking (but I can't speak short) I'm an old french 
male DD which was deeply impressed by Erinn's talk, Amaya's activism,
Michelle's kindness, Marga and Valentina work in Debian Installer
sessions, Biella's slides and all these little signs which changed
slightly my perception of the Free Software movement..:-)

Besides this and when I don't talk too much with my new Greek friend,
I mostly work for internationalization/localization and all that
can give Free Software a much wider audience all around the
world. This is currently the major reason of my own involvment in
Debian (some would say this is because it does not require very high
level technical skills which is perfectly appropriate to me).

And, byt the way, I like all logos...:-). I just had one question
about what indeed should be bigger : "Debian" or "women". Interesting
question.. If I was a woman, I'd probably vote for Debian being
bigger....hoping this is not the zillionth sign of machism you

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