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Re: help wanted! get involved! make Debian-women work!

Erinn Clark wrote:
No, that is definitely not the purpose. While I believe debian-women can
be a great support foundation and people will most certainly form bonds,
the idea is to get more women involved in Debian, whether they lean towards
development, translations, documentation, or QA work.

Or whether they are just using debian.

I think we should remember that debian can be a pretty confusing OS to start using, and asking questions on mailing lists or wherever can be hard or scary to do. Also that I guess everyone who is now wanting to be more involved in debian, in the ways Erinn wrote started off by using debian.

Please let's also make debian-women a helpful and welcoming place for new and old users to ask questions and feel like they are part of the debian community. I think that is the best and fastest way to get more women more involved in debian anyway.

Helen :)

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