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hi all ~ - about /me

hi all,

I told Kai Schindelka about this list, but have not 
introduced myself since now... therefore here we are:

I am Gabriele Pohl from Bonn (TCom-City) in Germany
(..although I have only an analog-modem connection 56 KB
to the internet ;)

In the last 4 years I donated a lot of my free time
to various IT-Women-Projects, especially to the 
TechNixen.net, a community of IT-Woman, who meet
at our *woman-only* mailinglists (german speakers) on 
topics: Linux/Unix, Gendertalk (IT-Job and IT-Education), 
Programming and at the website http://www.technixen.net/
(I am hoster and website-manager of technixen.net).

I got the info about this mailinglist from there (german):

I like the initiative and would contribute some technical stuff, may be 
tool-configuration or shellscripts or some coding (C, PHP) if needed.
If you, for some reason, will need a MySQL-Admin,
you can also count on me. 

best wishes ~


I'm not crazy; I'm just a sane person trapped in the body of a lunatic.

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