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Bug#919540: Fwd: Re: BlastEm for the official Debian/Ubuntu repository

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Subject: Re: BlastEm for the official Debian/Ubuntu repository
Date: 21-01-2019 16:36
From: Mike Pavone <pavone@retrodev.com>
To: Carlos Donizete Froes <coringao@riseup.net>

Hi Carlos

> On January 19, 2019 at 8:21 PM Carlos Donizete Froes
> <coringao@riseup.net> wrote:
> But in my 'BlastEm' package I noticed that the binary searches for
> 'config' in 2 different places:
> * /usr/games/default.cfg
> * /home/$USER/.config/blastem/blastem.cfg
> Being that the correct one would be that the binary looked for in:
> * /usr/share/games/blastem/default.cfg
> Is it possible to modify this root directory?

Note that the second directory BlastEm checks for is standard for a
per-user config, it's just the location of default.cfg that is not
standard. I can provide a Makefile option to change where it looks for
the default config file. That said, wouldn't /etc/blastem be a more
appropriate location for the system-wide default config?

There are probably some other files that should be moved to
/usr/share/blastem (at least on my system, /usr/share/games does not
exit and things that have executables in /usr/games just use /usr/share)
for a packaged version like the shaders and rom.db. I can make a change
to support this as well.

Another change that would probably make sense for packaging is to use
the system zlib rather than the copy I've included in the repo. I can
add an option for that as well.

Speaking of zlib, I see you attempted to fix a memory leak in the
bundled zlib source code. Regretfully, this change breaks the function
in question (gzdopen). It doesn't really matter for BlastEm since I
don't actually use that function, but it might be better if you leave
fixes of that nature to me. You can't just try to fix stuff reported by
some static analysis tool without some understanding of the code you're


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