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Bug#919540: Fwd: Re: BlastEm for the Debian project


Please follow the email contacts I had with the upstream.


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Subject: Re: BlastEm for the Debian project
Date: 18-06-2018 05:00
From: Mike Pavone <pavone@retrodev.com>
To: Carlos Donizete Froes <coringao@riseup.net>

Hi Carlos

On 06/17/2018 08:34 PM, Carlos Donizete Froes wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> My name is Carlos, but known by the GNU/Linux communities as "coringao".
> I am a volunteer in the Debian packaging side, and I was very interested in its
> development with the "BlastEm" emulator.
> I am willing to upload the debian package of this emulator, where it will have a
> bigger showcase for the users of the Debian/Ubuntu/GNU/Linux based
> distributions.
That would be great
> I downloaded the source file on your site and put it in my GitLab account[1] to
> make some simple fixes before doing the Debian packaging.
> [1] https://gitlab.com/coringao/blastem
I see you started from the stable release tarball. There is a pubic repo
here: https://www.retrodev.com/repos/blastem (it was down earlier today
due to an ill-timed server upgrade, but is back now). I realize
Mercurial is a bit unfashionable these days, but I believe there is a
bridge that allows git to interop with it. Pulling from the public repo
will make it easier for me to accept your changes upstream. Assuming
that's what you want anyway.

That said, I took a quick peek at some of your commits and some of them
look questionable. For instance this one:

arg_arr is indeed leaked in that function, but that change won't fix the
leak and will instead break the function. I've fixed it upstream (thanks
for bringing it to my attention), but I'm a little concerned about how
you're going about these.
> And I'd like you to follow this project and get better when you can before
> launch.
I think something may have gotten lost in translation here and I don't
understand what you're trying to say. Could you try rephrasing that?


⢀⣴⠾⠻⢶⣦⠀ Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a coringao]
⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁ - https://wiki.debian.org/coringao
⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋⠀ GPG: 4096R/B638B780
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