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Bug#898689: ITP: golang-github-ostreedev-ostree-go -- Golang bindings for httt://github.com/ostreedev/ostree

Hi Reinhard.

I don't know if skopeo works (and how) with the sjoerdsimons fork.
Personally, I prefer using the upstream project
(https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree-go) to minimize divergences and
also due that is the code used and tested with skopeo.

But, through the pull request and the issue from Jul 27, 2017 in
github, I can see the efforts of Sjoerd to work in the upstream
project and the little response obtained, and then understand the
Due my little experience in this matters, I add Andrej who is
currently working with golang-github-sjoerdsimons-ostree-go and if he
think that the Sjoerd fork is a viable replacement we can use it,
close this ITP and remove the golang-github-ostreedev-ostree-go to
avoid future confusions.


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