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Bug#847613: ownCloud-client - checksumming - Nextcloud Server


> >> With todays upload of owncloud-client, I got a big fat warning that
> >> connecting to nextcloud is no longer supported
> >
> >Argh they now really start fighting against each other - WTF?  If
> >nextcloud- dektop won't make it to Debian, I'll patch this out.
> I'm not sure that's a good idea, if it is more than just a warning, what
> if there is a genuine incompatibility or the likelyhood of one growing
> after we release the next Stable: there could be a dataloss issue if
> someone uses the Debian-packaged owncloud client with a
> not-Debian-controlled nextcloud server.

I had a private communication with a owncloud dev and they pointed out, that 
the warning is related with a feature called checksumming at server. ownClous 
Server adds this with 10.0.0, Nextcloud does not have this feature. But 
owncloud-client < 2.5.0 does not use checksumming, too. From my experience  
2.4.1 worked great together with Nextcloud.  I'll hope I can disclosure the 
conversation, so we make a good decision. But let's move this side 
conversation to pkg-owncloud-maintainers@alioth-lists.debian.net, to not 
pollute the bugreport with this conversation.


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