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Bug#837922: RFP: cask -- project management tool for Emacs


Пт 06 окт 2017 @ 00:10 Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name>:

> On Wed, Oct 04 2017, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
>> I asked Sean about packaging Cask this September as part of my
>> investigation into enabling elpy/ert-runner/commander-el's selftests.
>> This was on #debian-emacs
>> He NACKed it, saying we need to adapt packages to dh-elpa, and that
>> its ert support provides this functionality.
> Yes.  Cask should never be a build-dependency, or dependency, of any
> elpa-* packages.  It is always possible to cut it out of the package
> build.

I completely agree with your point.

> Of course, it might still be desirable to package Cask as a tool for
> users who are developing Emacs Lisp packages.  So this RFP could remain
> open for that purpose.  But it should definitely not be a build
> dependency.



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