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Bug#837922: RFP: cask -- project management tool for Emacs

Hello Nicholas, Lev,

On Wed, Oct 04 2017, Nicholas D Steeves wrote:

> I asked Sean about packaging Cask this September as part of my
> investigation into enabling elpy/ert-runner/commander-el's selftests.
> This was on #debian-emacs
> He NACKed it, saying we need to adapt packages to dh-elpa, and that
> its ert support provides this functionality.

Yes.  Cask should never be a build-dependency, or dependency, of any
elpa-* packages.  It is always possible to cut it out of the package
build.  Avoiding Cask was the one reason why I wrote dh_make_elpa.

> Failing that, do you think there will be a need to document how to
> adapt packages that use Cask to dh-elpa tests?

It is rare that you need significant work to remove Cask.  Usually, you
can just do something like this to turn it off:


Then dh_elpa_test is smart enough to run the tests anyway.  You may need
to add some lines to d/elpa-test, and upstream's Cask
configuration and/or Makefile can help you figure out what to add.

For an example of an upstream that uses Cask, where it was bypassed, see
the flycheck source package.  As you can see, it's not complicated.

Of course, it might still be desirable to package Cask as a tool for
users who are developing Emacs Lisp packages.  So this RFP could remain
open for that purpose.  But it should definitely not be a build

(I've added a note about this to our team's wiki)

Sean Whitton

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