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Bug#748373: python-lmdb

This is just to note a few minor complications if this gets packaged:

* By default it links its own private LMDB, but this is easily changed
  (see documentation)

* The binding is still receiving significant development, so before any
  particular version becomes frozen, please drop me an e-mail to ensure
  the latest and greatest (and possibly stablest) release is available
  prior to the freeze.

  Currently I release approximately monthly, slightly preferring
  freshness over stability, and the existing QA process is very basic.

* The binding comes in two variants. For Debian it seems the CPython
  extension module will always be used, however this becomes more
  complicated if a Debian-packaged version of PyPy ever wanted to share
  the same python-lmdb package.

  So there is possibly quite a bit of wrangling around how the package
  would be built, perhaps some changes to the package itself to support
  the cohabitation, and additionally how to avoid the libffi/cffi
  dependency when just the CPython extension is in use.


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