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Bug#747824: Atom license issues

Cheers, Jörg, thanks for undertaking the work necessary to get Atom into Debian.

We see that you've run an automated script to file issues on repositories under https://github.com/atom that don’t match Debian’s licensing requirements, but I think there may have been an error, or perhaps some clarification is necessary. The issue that your script has filed states that the repo is either missing a LICENSE file or license headers, but many (all?) of the repos in question do in fact have LICENSE files containing the standard MIT license. Can you clarify whether this is sufficient, or whether Debian ALSO requires all source files to have license headers in addition to the LICENSE file?

Examples: https://github.com/atom/underscore-plus/issues/5  https://github.com/atom/node-vm-compatibility-layer/issues/1

Issue discussing this matter on the Atom core repository: https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/2293  

Daniel Hengeveld

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