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Bug#745711: Bug #745711


I don't think you understand the essence of the part you are quoting.

At no point, I repeat, at no point were there any indications of you
or Stefan hijacking the package. Hijacking a package implies uploading
a new version of the package without marking it as NMU or the package
not being orphaned or the current maintainer not having it given up for
adoption. Neither of these is the case as, as a matter of fact, Mats
*has* given up the package for adoption.

And, no, you do not have to ask Mats. He set the package to RFA which
is short for "Request for Adoption" and Mats therefore made a *public*
statement that he intents to transfer the maintainership of this
package to anyone else who was willing to adopt the package.

The proper procedure for anyone willing to adopt this package is to
change the bug title from RFA to ITA and setting the owner of the
bug report to oneself which is exactly what Stefan did while you
ignored the procedure. Neither you nor Mats have the right to complain
here as obviously neither of you have understood the proper procedure
of orphaning and adopting a package.

> @Adrian: Personally, I am of the opinion that this discussion does
> not belong in a bug report.

Well, how about you stick to the proper procedure of adopting a package
then instead of having Mats going batshit and accusing Stefan of
hijacking the package which is absolutely ridiculous behind the
background that Stefan was the one who followed the proper procedure?

PS: Please try to keep people you are discussing with in CC, just
    replying to the bug report resulted in me and Stefan overseeing
    your message.


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