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Bug#745711: Bug #745711

> Hello Mats!
> So, where is this person and why isn't he or she replying to this
> bug report? You cannot assume other people to be able to read your
> mind, can you?
Here I'm. Why I don't writing here?

Therefor :

[ZITAT] (https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/pkgs.html#adopting)
5.9.5. Adopting a package

A list of packages in need of a new maintainer is available in the Work-Needing 
and Prospective Packages list (WNPP). If you wish to take over maintenance of any 
of the packages listed in the WNPP, please take a look at the aforementioned page 
for information and procedures.

It is not OK to simply take over a package that you feel is neglected — that would 
be package hijacking. You can, of course, contact the current maintainer and ask 
them if you may take over the package. If you have reason to believe a maintainer 
has gone AWOL (absent without leave), see Section 7.4, “Dealing with inactive 
and/or unreachable maintainers”.

Generally, you may not take over the package without the assent of the 
current maintainer. Even if they ignore you, that is still not grounds to take 
over a package. Complaints about maintainers should be brought up on the developers' 
mailing list. If the discussion doesn't end with a positive conclusion, and the 
issue is of a technical nature, consider bringing it to the attention of the 
technical committee (see the technical committee web page for more information). 

So I've ask Mats first.


Personally, I am of the opinion that this discussion does not belong in a bug report.

> Cheers,
> Adrian


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