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Bug#729203: Rebuild of possible FFmpeg reverse build-dependenciesa


On 04.05.2014 22:16, Cyborg Ethly Alpha {My Research Desk} wrote:
On one system, I have FFmpeg 2.x is installed side by side with Libav ;
The package listing from Synaptic shows;

This is from version 0.5...


...and this from version 0.8.


all installed.

If you want to compare FFmpeg with Libav, it would be better to compare FFmpeg 2.2 with Libav 10 (currently in Debian/experimental), as they are approximately from the same time. Otherwise the comparison won't be fair.

and I found;

A helper package to create and remove the alternatives for the ffmpeg.

The Debian alternatives system (man update-alternatives):

It is possible for several programs fulfilling the same or similar functions
to be installed on a single system  at the  same  time. For example,
many systems have several text editors installed at once. This gives
choice to the
users of a system, allowing each to use a different editor, if desired,
but makes it difficult  for  a  program  to make a good choice for an editor
to invoke if the user has not specified a particular preference.
Debian's  alternatives  system aims to solve this problem.

As far as I can tell, ffmpeg-set-alternatives is meant for the binaries ffmpeg, ffplay etc., because older versions of Libav created them. Newer versions of Libav use avconv, avplay etc., so this package is not needed anymore.

The FFmpeg install is direct from the FFmpeg.org sute.
I'm replacing the network router this week. The week after, I plan to do
some screencasts on the system with FFmpeg 2.2 .
After that I need add two systems to the test bench to practice creating
deb files, and test them.
Once the deb file(s) are successfully tested, they will be uploaded to
the ppa.

I see.

All my systems are Kubuntu 13.10 . I use [synaptic] and [apt] removing
muon, pulseaudio & disabling [desktop effects]

Is there a particular reason why you don't upgrade to Kubuntu 14.04?

Best regards,

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