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Bug#729203: Rebuild of possible FFmpeg reverse build-dependenciesa

Hi Andreas,

I haven't gotten the time to look more into this, and am now in a 25hrs bus with limited internet access.

My rationale is this:
- I don't want to ofend the libav maintainers nor want them to go on a +300 api bump.
- I don't want anything breaking in debian because users pick our lib on a package that was meant to link to libav and somehow breaks.

If we keep the names as they are, on next dist-upgrade everybody depending on libavblah will pull it. If we want that, we should go tech ctte and take over Libav, but that wasn't the consensus.

I wanted to see if we had an easy way to alter the soname so this lib is seen as an alternative to the other one and if we can keep packaging in line with policy. In the defect of such possibility, I feel we should rename to libavblah-ffmpegSoname.


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