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Bug#722316: ITP: gnome-software -- GNOME Software Tools

2014-05-02 2:46 GMT+02:00 Matthias Klumpp <mak@debian.org>:
> 2014-05-02 2:19 GMT+02:00 Laurent Bigonville <bigon@debian.org>:
>> Hello Matthias,
>> Are you still working on this ITP? I actually started working on a
>> gnome-software on my own before seeing this.
> Yes, I am actively working on this :-)
> We will need AppStream data in Debian before we can use it, though.
> That's why this package is currently delayed, I have a GSoC student
> working on an implementation of DEP-11 (the AppStream stuff for
> Debian) right now, and I am working on a libappstream port of
> GNOME-Software, enabling it to instantly work on Debian.
> Alternatively, libappstream-glib can be extended to support DEP-11 -
> we'll see which option is better, in future (there is some
> behind-the-scenes disagreemend whether using Xapian as database is a
> good idea, or if loading XML directly is better).
>> I think that this package should be put under the GNOME team umbrella
>> to help synchronizing with the rest of the GNOME stack, would this be
>> OK for you?
> Yes, that was my plan anyway, I wanted to bring this up later on the
> GNOME-team list, when DEP-11 is implemented and if have something
> GNOME-Software-ish to show.
> Without DEP-11/AppStream data, GNOME-Software is not really usable,
> and the app-install-data package is something planned to be killed in
> Jessie - that's why I didn't upload my work yet.
Oh, and I almost forgot: I am planning to upload the PackageKit 0.9.x
stack to Debian as well, which is in a way a requirement og GS as
well, since GS has been optimized for that version of PK, and
especially for aptcc we landed loads of fixes in the backend.
So, depending on the state of the different implementations, it could
eventually go to experimental in a few weeks.
@Laurent: How far did you get with your packaging? Just-started or
almost-finished stage?

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