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Bug#722316: ITP: gnome-software -- GNOME Software Tools

2014-05-02 2:19 GMT+02:00 Laurent Bigonville <bigon@debian.org>:
> Hello Matthias,
> Are you still working on this ITP? I actually started working on a
> gnome-software on my own before seeing this.
Yes, I am actively working on this :-)
We will need AppStream data in Debian before we can use it, though.
That's why this package is currently delayed, I have a GSoC student
working on an implementation of DEP-11 (the AppStream stuff for
Debian) right now, and I am working on a libappstream port of
GNOME-Software, enabling it to instantly work on Debian.
Alternatively, libappstream-glib can be extended to support DEP-11 -
we'll see which option is better, in future (there is some
behind-the-scenes disagreemend whether using Xapian as database is a
good idea, or if loading XML directly is better).

> I think that this package should be put under the GNOME team umbrella
> to help synchronizing with the rest of the GNOME stack, would this be
> OK for you?
Yes, that was my plan anyway, I wanted to bring this up later on the
GNOME-team list, when DEP-11 is implemented and if have something
GNOME-Software-ish to show.

Without DEP-11/AppStream data, GNOME-Software is not really usable,
and the app-install-data package is something planned to be killed in
Jessie - that's why I didn't upload my work yet.

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