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Bug#744119: help with and sponsoring onion upload

On 05/01/2014 06:13 PM, David Moreno Montero wrote:
> I will check how to do the jquery but it might be dificult as onion
> should be compilable on non debian as well. Is is ok if at compilation
> time it is decided to use the onion provided one, or the system one? If
> the system one is used then its is not compiled in (jquery is converted
> to a C file to be used as static data).

Yes, that's fine, as long as in Debian, it does the right thing.

> About systemd, onion will never force the user to use it. The support is
> just to compile the functionallity to be able to cooperate better with
> systemd, if the developer decides so. It is always optional to use
> systemd, but the library must be prepared. Even if the developer of
> whatever uses onion decides to support systemd, it still can be used
> without it. http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/socket-activation.html



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