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Bug#744119: help with and sponsoring onion upload

On 04/25/2014 10:43 PM, David Moreno Montero wrote:
> Just a quick note to inform that I just removed the sd-daemon.[ch] files
> and I depend on system provided ones (at libsystemd-daemon-dev).
> Also fixed jquery, I added the uncompressed one.

Shipping non-minified javascript in your source is a requirement of
Debian for all source packages, so what you did is a good thing.
However, we also require that you use all libraries that are packaged in
the system. So you must use the jquery which is in Debian. And yes, you
must comply with both rules, which means even if you don't use the
jquery which you ship in your source code, it must *not* be minified.
Just wanted to make this clear.

> Currently its not in control / depends, as I want to make my head if it
> should be enforced or not, but as systemd is on Debian's future, I guess
> it fits.

You shouldn't force your users to use systemd if you can avoid it. We
have chosen systemd as default, but our users may not like it and prefer
another init system. Please respect the user choices if possible.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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