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Bug#698656: ITP: adequate -- Debian package quality testing tool

On 2013-01-21 21:07, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> adequate checks quality of installed packages.

can it be used on chroots without being installed in the chroot?
    adequate --root=/some/chroot mypkg

> The following checks are currently implemented:
>   * broken symlinks;
>   * missing copyright file;
>   * obsolete conffiles;
>   * Python modules not byte-compiled;
ahh, a patch for #635139 :-)
>   * /bin and /sbin binaries requiring /usr/lib libraries;
>   * underlinked binaries or libraries.

Sounds intersting. A few of them are already reported by piuparts, but I
could consider replacing them by an adequate test run there, too (with a
--root option, like we do with debsums). Having a "lightweight" tool
(compared to running piuparts locally) to check for these issues sounds
like a good idea.


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