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Bug#659440: ITP: primus -- Low-overhead client-side GPU offloading

On 2013-01-07 07:29, Vincent Cheng wrote:
> think anyone who's currently in the pkg-nvidia team (Russ/Andreas?)
> has commented on whether or not they'd like to have primus maintained
> within the team.

I don't really care - optimus, primus, bumblebee, ... is stuff I'm
(currently) not being interested in - but I appreciate your work on
these things.

I welcome everyone working on something related to (proprietary) Nvidia
stuff to join the team, and publish packages either under the team
umbrella or separately. Time will show whether some piece of contrib
software will find more general use (e.g. src:khronos-opencl-headers
moved to main, but that does not mean we need to kick out of the team -
but if a more suitable team comes around we could hand it over ...)

Being a member of a team does not mean you have to care about every
package managed by the team ... but it may simplify discussion and


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