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Bug#697429: ITP: gitignore-boilerplates -- shell script for easily accessing gitignore boilerplate

Quoting TANIGUCHI Takaki (2013-01-06 06:26:21)
> >>>>> On Sat, 05 Jan 2013 21:24:00 +0100
> >>>>> dr@jones.dk(Jonas Smedegaard)  said:
> > Question is not if the service is public, but whether the tool which 
> > is shipped with Debian is usable only in cencert with something not 
> > DFSG-free.
> > 
> > Is gitignore-boilerplates usable only with Github, then I believe 
> > gitignore-boilerplates should be in contrib (not in main).
> The boilerplate files is under DFSG-free license. And if the github 
> repository is closed, we can host git repository on other location.

That is a different acceptable approach: When that is done the package 
makes sense to be in main, until then I believe it belongs in contrib.

> > I do believe that tools usable _only_ with Twitter (not also e.g. a 
> > Twitter-compatible interface at Identi.ca) belongs in contrib, not 
> > main.
> Twitter is only a example. There are several pacakges which depend on 
> private company services.  If you think it is a problem, you should 
> also claim to remove several packages which depend on Google API.

Yes, I should report every bug that I come across.  But I believe this 
is what's called an ad hominem attack: You are arguing what I should do 
elsewhere.  That is not what we are discussing here.

Two wrongs don't make a right.  Just because Debian contains other bugs 
does not mean this is not a bug, or that this bug should not be treated 
as a bug.

> > Independent(!) from the question of main versus contrib, my original 
> > point was (and still is) that I believe it would make a better 
> > experience for Debian users if gitignore-boilerplates as shipped 
> > with Debian could be made to not only do fetch-via-git-then-cache, 
> > but additionally (and, in my opinion, preferrably) do 
> > read-from-filesystem - and the package ship snapshots of the 
> > boilerplates offered upstream.
> Whether upstream author agree or not, I can ship the package with 
> snapshot files.  Because these are free. But I don't think it is 
> needed unless there is a cleary policy-violation.

Yes, this point is (in itself) only a suggestion, not a "need".

 - Jonas

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