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Bug#657678: ITP: simplelxc -- Minimalist package to create LXC guests and then manage them simply.

On 01/27/2012 11:15 PM, Bekir Dogan wrote:
> Main objective is to make testing of any program easy on personal computers
> (for now it works only for Debian systems) without losing time for these:
> * does not require to manually configure networking on host system,
> * does not require to manually create template,
> * does not require to manually determining IP addresses,
> * does not require to manually configuring any other parameters needed.
> Just install simplelxc, create a guest and go.

i would rather much prefere if those little bits would be incorporated
into lxc-debconf in lxc itself. there's only minimal effort needed, as
lxc-debconf already determines all the defaults anyway and just needs
the one or other update to determine them better.

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