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Bug#653813: ITP: edgar -- The Legend of Edgar platform game

On 2012-01-26 13:06:31 +0100 (+0100), Martin Bagge / brother wrote:
> There are several articles about the problem with CC NC licenses,
> exactly what that means is not clear. Make sure to study the field
> before picking anything based on NC.
> Pick license and pick it wise.

The historic quagmire with DikuMUD's license (and subsequent
inability of derivative software authors to be able to round up all
the original copyright holders for later relicensing) is a great


The project was widely used and a fertile developer community
emerged around it back in the shareware days before proliferation of
more modern Free/Libre OSS licenses. Unfortunately, now, a vast
majority of the MUDsphere inherits that noncommercial license and is
thus legally incompatable with most current free software projects.
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