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Bug#650734: ITP tupi update

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012 21:39:03 Aron Xu wrote:
> Your package is in good shape now. But I still have a question to ask,
> which I forgot last time (bad me...).
> I see tupi has "Replaces: ktoon" in its control file, and I am aware
> that tupi is the successor of ktoon, but as far as I understand this
> isn't in the way of installing both of the two packages in the same
> system. Am I correct?

Thank you, Aron.

Correct, this was suggested by someone on mentors to explicitly mark tupi as 
replacement for ktoon.
I think it may be unnecessary, but ktoon is in bad shape, unmaintained both in 
debian and upstream and obsolete in WNPP. It seems feasible to replace it with 
tupi hence Replaces is there. Do you agree?


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