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Bug#598846: Packaging Progress

I am one of the maintainers of the Mame and Mess pacakge in Debian.
Although I personnally use gnome-video-arcade as my favourite front-end,
I think it would be nice to have qmc2 for people looking for a feature
full font end for Mame/Mess in Debian and Ubuntu.

I have seen you has uploaded a package in Mentor some time ago. I am not
myseld a Debian Developper so I cannot sponsor your package, but did you
write on the debian-games or debian-mentors mailing liste asking for
someone ? I think the best who be to find a DD who is himself a Mame user.

BTW concerning the package itself is mame and mess have fixed path in
debian qmc2 should directly use /usr/games/mame and /usr/games/mess
directly, no need to ask the user for it during the first start up.

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