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Bug#654970: ITP: drwright -- Known as typing break in GNOME 2

On 07.01.2012 22:06, Savvas Radevic wrote:
> I hope it's better now:
> Description: Typing monitor to force typing breaks
>  It's a program that forces you to take regular breaks to prevent RSI
>  (Repetitive Strain Injury). It's similar to workrave.
>  .
>  It can be found in GNOME control center as "typing break". You can specify the
>  work interval (how much time you want to work between breaks) and a break
>  interval (how long your break will be). It also allows postponing of breaks.
>  Finally, there is an option to lock the screen in case you want to step out
>  indefinetely.
>  .
>  It used to be part of GNOME 2's main core, but is now packaged separately.

Looks fine too me.
Definitely a lot clearer and less confusing.

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