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Bug#654970: ITP: drwright -- Known as typing break in GNOME 2

On 7 January 2012 16:56, Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> wrote:
> On 07.01.2012 14:39, Savvas Radevic wrote:
>>   Description     : Known as typing break in GNOME 2
>>  Typing monitor to force typing breaks. It's a GNOME 3 tool that forces you to
> Now I'm confused. Is it a GNOME 2 or GNOME 3 tool?

It was packaged with GNOME 2 before, now it's packaged separately and
it supports gnome 3.
You suggest that I should change the single-line description? Perhaps
"Known as typing break in GNOME 2" isn't the best single-line
description.. I'll come up with something better in the next couple of
hours. :)

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