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Bug#203211: RFP: avidemux -- A small editing software for avi (especially DivX)

Am 03.01.2012 00:14, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
avidemux specifically downloads an ffmpeg-0.9 tarball (we use libav in
debian), and
then applies a larger number of patches:

Wow, sounds like the worst possible way to use a library in a downstream project.

Most of those patches actually look pretty scary to me. Additionally, most
of the comments in those patches don't really make sense to me either.

Most of the patches are entirely uncommented (well, except you count /* MEANX */ as a comment) and there is no trace of an attempt to get them included or even discussed upstream.

I conclude that trying to link avidemux dynamically against the system
is not feasible. Shipping a static copy of avcodec and friends doesn't make me
feel too happy either :-/

This and the fact that avidemux uses cmake as a build system (which I am not at all familiar with) made my personal interest cease for this package - although I admit that it would be "nice to have".

Anyone else?

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