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Bug#203211: RFP: avidemux -- A small editing software for avi (especially DivX)

Am 03.01.2012 08:31, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
I think I have a doable solution: Let's have the avidemux source
package build depend on libav-source, and have avidemux's build
system apply its patches on that source. This way we have the
code duplication only in the binary code, but no longer have to
binNMU avidemux in case changes happen in Libav.

Fabian, what do you think about this solution?

Phew, sounds doable but not desirable and is IMHO too dirty for a
Debian package.

If we really decide to give this package a try, we should figure out
which patches are really necessary to actually build and use avidemux,
get in contact with the author of these patches and together try to convince upstream (whether ffmpeg or libav, I don't care) to either include them or find a cleaner solution for the problem they are supposed to solve.

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